3 ways to use video in online campaigns

3 ways to use video in online campaigns

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Author: Amy Micallef Decesare
Junior Marketing Executive at Defined Branding


There has been huge growth in online videos as of late, primarily because marketers have noticed that they really do work. In this post, we present you with three ways you can make use of videos in your online campaigns to drive further interest.

1. Social media

There are numerous ways to add your videos to your social media. Facebook recently added a new feature that allows you to add your video above the ‘about’ section. People already on your page cannot miss the video link, even if they tried. Such videos can also be shared on other platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. On YouTube, for instance, the link can be added to the unsubscribed channel trailer on the site. In this way, even those who have not subscribed to your channel directly will be able to view it. On Pinterest you can pin videos to your boards to get more views. Other platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and Periscope are primarily used for photos and videos and therefore, your video could be the perfect addition. Just a tip: Make sure that for every upload, you link your details, including company name, address and contact information, so as to make it easier for interested people to be proactive.

Facebook have revealed that they were averaging 1 billion video views every day, with 50% growth in just three months of summer 2014.

2. Landing page

Research shows that companies get 80% growth in visitors behaviour change if they use online videos. These numbers can reflect those attending webinars, for instance. Customers are then able to subscribe to a site and even purchase a product. There are many ways to fill your landing page. Many use only text, but if you were to get a tad more creative, you could integrate imagery, text and video! With the expectation that 74% of the web traffic in a few years will be videos, it’s definitely a smart move to use video. That being said, it all depends on what fits your company. A video gives your visitors a clear image of your company as well as your campaign. It will also get you to higher places in Google searches and people are more likely to spend more time on your site.


3. Your emails

You can insert a video or image directly into your emails or provide them with a link, which would divert readers directly to the video or to your page. This first method tends to get the best results, as more people are likely to click on a visible play button, rather than click on a link without a preview. A study shows that the click-through rate with a video in an email increased by 96%. You can add some striking text or a headline to make sure the people will notice it and click on it. If you use Gmail, you can just insert a YouTube link in the email itself and the video will pop up immediately! In this way, they will be able to view it directly within their email. The easier it is to watch your video, the more likely people are  to watch it. Here’s hoping that this feature will soon be available for all email providers.

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