Tools for effective Business to Business marketing

Tools for effective Business to Business marketing

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Author: Stephanie Fiteni
Co-Founder / Online Marketing Specialist & Coach at Defined Branding.

A business to business marketer can’t do without tools. Tools help to make your work easier and save you time. Tools also help make you aware of how effective or ineffective your current actions are, by giving you valuable insight into your own marketing methods. The following is a compilation of our favourite and most often used tools.

1. Hubspot Marketing Grader

Hubspot Marketing Grader is essential for every business to business company. The tool analyses all of your online marketing and shows you if you have a Google-friendly site. Marketing Grader enables you to see exactly how effective your marketing has been, in terms of your sales. Hubspot doesn’t only analyse your website, but your social media, mobile, blogging, email marketing, lead nurturing and analytics as well. Marketing Grader shows you:

  • If your marketing is more or less as effective as your competitors;
  • If your marketing efforts are generating enough leads and sales;
  • If your website is optimised for mobile devices;
  • If you effectively use social media in your marketing;
  • If your blog is generating results, or if you’re wasting precious on the wrong things;
  • Your strong points and shortcomings in terms of marketing.

Marketing Grader also advises you about what you have to do to improve your online marketing. The tool gives you specific steps on what to do next.


2. HootSuite

HootSuite is a service that helps you curate, schedule and send all your social media posts from one location. HootSuite is handy for business to business companies, as it saves you a lot of time. HootSuite not only helps you to easily schedule and send posts, but it also aids with monitoring your social media. In this way, you can see what your customers and industry influencers are talking about. In the Pro plan you can even make teams and find relevant content to share. The free version of HootSuite allows you:

  • To manage up to three social networks from one central point. You can even customise your streams and tabs to make it easy to work with.
  • To schedule your social media posts. That way you don’t have to wait for the moment to send your posts. Just fill in the date and time and HootSuite will post it for you.
  • To learn more about your customers, competition and industry influencers. HootSuite tells you what they’re talking about on social media.
  • To expand your functionality with apps. You can connect popular and useful social apps as Tumblr, YouTube, Marketo and Reddit on your dashboard.

HootSuite is the partner in crime in terms of your social media.


3. Pixlr

Pixlr is an easy to use, free, online image-editing tool. Why purchase expensive photo-editing tools like Photoshop when you can just use Pixlr? It offers you many options, such as resizing, cropping, use of filters and enhancing your images for your social media or website. You can choose over 2 million combinations of effects, overlays and borders to make your image your own. For people who have never edited a photo before, it is absolutely not a problem; Pixlr is easy and makes starter editors look professional as well. Pixlr’s free version offers you:

  • 100 Effects, 340 Overlays and 200 Borders;
  • Fast Edit Tools, such as resize and crop;
  • Refine Tools, such as remove red eyes and whiten teeth;
  • Stylise Effects, such as watercolour and pencil sketch;
  • Many stickers to adjust on your photo.

Use Pixlr for your social media or website and make all the images as a true work of art.


If you want to know more about making your images, website and social media more effective, please contact us for more information.

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